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    Win7 freezes often when 2nd RAID array enabled

      In the last month I have built a new desktop PC around an ASUS P7H57D-V EVO motherboard with an i7-860. Since day 1 I have been having serious issues with stability in Windows when I have 2 RAID arrays enabled. If I only have my primary OS array enabled, I have no stability issues.


      This board, while not an intel mobo, has only intel RAID, so I turn to you for assistance. Device manager calls it the Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/5 Series/3400 Series SATA RAID Controller. Google suggests that this board is using the ICH10R flavor.


      I have 1 RAID0 array that is my primary OS drive.

      I have a 2nd RAID1 array that is my backup drive.


      When the second RAID array is enabled (tried both RAID1 and 0), Windows (Win 7 Ultimate 64bit) will freeze after 10+ minutes of use. This initially manifests itself as my internet "going out". While I can open new tabs in the browser, I cannot connect. I can't ping via CMD either. I can't open Task Manager, but I can open Event Viewer (and nothing really is shown in there re: this). If I try to Log Off or Restart the PC via Start Menu, Windows hangs on the "Logging Off" or "Shutting Down" screen for at least 10 minutes, up to several hours (or indefinitely).


      When the computer does eventually restart, usually via a swift jab of the reset switch, the ports containing the two drives in RAID Array 2 take upwards of 20 seconds to be detected. All other devices are detected near enough to instantly.


      This problem has occurred across 2 motherboards (same model), 5 hard drives, 5 reinstallations of Windows, and 2 sets of RAM. RAM has been memtested with over 200 passes on both individual sticks and all 4 together.


      Windows has been run at a baseline configuration (no drivers except were installed via DVD), and a fully updated configuration with Windows Update and latest motherboard, chipset, Matrix Storage Manager from internet, etc. Problem always repros.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.

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          I'm having the exact same issue.  64-Bit, Win7 Ultimate.  I have tried several series of IRST drivers, new hard drives, cables, and lastly a new motherboard I installed last night.  Unfortuantely no troubleshooting to date has helped (and I've been troubleshooting for months).  The system runs fine with a single RAID1 volume.  I can put two additional disks on the system ( physical disks 3 & 4) without issues, and as long as I don't create a new volume with them everything runs fine.  Independently I can use disks 3 & 4 as "standalone" disks without any issues.  However, if I create a second raid1 volume with these disks, they system becomes unstable.  Timing varies from a few minutes to a few hours before the lockup occurs, but it always occurs shortly after the second volume is added.  I don't even have to be "using"  the newly created second volume  (writing or reading from it - it can be left blank)- the system still eventually locks up.


          I have just noticed that Intel published the latest 9.6 driver so I will give that a shot.


          Did you ever resolve your issue?

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            I have a Asus P5Q Deluxe which uses the ICH10R and I get this same exact problem as well.  I recently purchased two SSD's for my Primary OS in RAID0 and I have 2 other drives setup as RAID1 for backup.  If I setup a single SSD for the OS and the two other drives as RAID1 everything is fine. If I have both SSD's as RAID0 and the two other drives as independent disks everything is also fine.  But as soon as I create two arrays the computer will eventually freeze with the same symptons described in the OP.

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              has anyone get the issue resolved? i'm having the same problem


              ASUS Rampage III Formula motherboard

              SSD as primary

              1st RAID 1 - 2x 2TB drives

              2nd RAID 1 - 2x 2TB drives

              Intel RAID manager


              also getting freezing

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                I just built a new Sandy Bridge i2500k with 2 Raid arrays and I have this exact same problem!!!  My first raid array will run fine by itself, but once I enable the second raid array, I can't make it more than 24 hours without a lockup.. sometimes 2-3 a day!.. ugh  Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.


                All my drivers are up to date, the system is a month old.  I guess I could run my second array as 2 single drives, but .. /I shouldn't have too!/

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                  It's not the most elegant solution, but what prevents it from freezing, is changing your advanced power saving setting to hard disk never go to sleep.

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                    I have an Asus P6X58D-Premium and I am having the same problem.

                    I am running Win7 x64 and I experience random crashes like the ones described. I have a RAID1 with all my user profiles and another RAID1 with my MIDI samples. The former is a Caviar Green 1.5TB array and the latter is a Caviar Blue 1TB array.

                    The computer will lock up at random intervals. Initially it manifests as huge latency in opening programs until eventually no programs open and even the mouse locks up. A shutdown will typically hang at logging off or shutting down and only a hard reset fixes it.

                    I have just disabled disk sleep. I will see if that fixes anything and report back. The system is 100% stable when I remove the second RAID1.


                    I can't believe Intel can't get this right. I have been troubleshooting for days and not once did I consider it a possibility that the second RAID is causing this. Eventually I reached the conclusion because I observed that whenever the RAID was disconnected (after countless formats under the false belief that it was caused by a bad driver or bad windows update) the system had no problems. I found this thread by chance on Google. Please sort it out. This is embarrassing for Intel and completely inhibits the functionality of the storage controller.

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                      Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P, Win7 Professional, I7-2600 Sandy Bridge.  I have/had the same problem, brought up a new computer and had two Raid1 arrays -- the new disks, and my old disks from the previous build.  I had exactly the same symptoms as the previous poster and was scratching my head and luckily came across this post.  After copying what data I needed from the old disks to the new array, I unplugged the old Raid array and have been trouble free since.  I am lucky that I don't need to run two Raid arrays.  This post does not help solve the problem, it is just an example of the problem occurring in a different system.

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                        just bought a p5q deluxe (ebay)
                        old mainboard but good one, and i wanted to use some of my hardware , cg, intel q6600, //
                        6 sata port inside + 2 sata port inside with hardware dedicated configuration for raid ( xpert) , i can use it or not as raid
                        1 esata outside
                        i wanted to build at least a true computer with good spec.
                        2*500 in raid 0 for windows , game , dl
                        2*500 in raid 1 for work
                        1 *2 To for everything.i have

                        SO, i got 3 sata port free inside


                        tested with memtest my 16 g ddr2,perfect.


                        i had to put many input in bios for voltage.

                        after 3 weeks , i see thats freeze come often..randomly. last night,4 times in two hours, finishing in no reboot.
                        i often got no no code error.
                        blue screen sometimes, sometime not

                        i adjust many voltage for nearly everything

                        now that i am 'nearly perfect' with it, i STILL SEE FREEZES .?!!??§!


                        i saw this week that after freeze, my raid 1 trying to repair itself when i enter windows ( seven)

                        So i came to this post and see that i'm not alone.
                        Gonna try the solution of sleep mode
                        if not, gonna kill my raid 1 and will use a synchronize soft often.



                        shame that such things aren't perfect yet. five 7 years after first sata solutions.!!


                        i used to love intel , maybe next time i'll.....u know..