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    Intel 530 Flickering Issue


      Hey everyone,


      So I can't seem to figure this out for the life of me.Recently my r9 380x died on me so I'm trying to use the intel HD 530 on my 6700k.It's working but it shuts off the screen for a moment and comes back on a second later it does this often about every 20 mins or so but sometimes longer and it seems to also do it more frequently once in awhile.I have looked all on the net and can't seem to find a definitive solution apparently it was the driver and its stated this was fixed in recent driver updates but I have the newest in and still it has this issue.Any input on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


      Win 10 64 bit

      Intel 6700k @4.4

      Corsair H100i V2

      Intel HD 530

      Gigabyte G1 gaming GA-Z170x-Gaming GT

      DDR4 16 gb 3200 G skill RipJaws V

      WD Black 500GB HDD

      Seagate 640GB HDD