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    Graphic Driver for NUC6i7KYK Issues with Video Display


      I have the latest Graphic Driver for NUC6i7KYK ( and the latest BIOS. I am having trouble displaying video on either VLC or Media Player Home Classic. Until I updated my graphics drivers, I had no issues watching video on either VLC or Media Player Home Classic. After upgrading the graphic driver, I only get a black screen (but with audio) whenever I use both software. Only Microsoft's "Movies & Video" app plays video.


      I had the same issue in the past where the most recent graphic drivers for the NUC not only prevented video output on these two programs but also prevented certain DirectX games from playing by giving a black screen on the game window. Unfortunately, previous versions of the graphic drivers are removed, and thus cannot do a roll back. Please fix the drivers as I cannot view certain video recordings I made. I have eliminated all the other reasonable causes for this problem and concluded that it IS the newest (and only available) graphic driver. I attach a photo of the monitor to illustrate this issue. IMG_20170325_134301067.jpg