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    Computer slows down after being on for a while - after recent power flicker


      About a week ago, I had a power flicker which caused my computer to restart.  Ever since then, I have noticed that when it has been running for a long time...let's say 5 hours or more, then whenever it loads something new, everything slows down and the sound crackles.  I ran an overall benchmark and everything seemed to be fine.  I also took the ram sticks out and swapped them incase one of them was burned out.  They still worked when swapped.  I also re-installed my chipset drivers.  I also ran Memtest86 and no errors came up.  Again, this is a new issue which only came up after the power flicker.  Does anyone have any suggestion as to what the problem could be?


      Edit: I just noticed that the processor is working almost twice as hard to do the same tasks after the computer has been on.  For example, I opened a web page and the usage spiked to 60-70%.  After restarting my computer, I opened the same web page with the same applications running in the background and the usage only went up to about 30%.  I even opened up several pages rapidly and it still only went up to 35%.  Could this mean that my processor is starting to fail?