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    Has anyone heard of a REDLINE Extreme 975.R3 Intel Core i7 CPU 4.4GHz+


      Has anyone heard of a Redline Extreme i7-975.R3 4.4GHz CPU. It was sold to me sight unseen. Stupid Stpuid. And it states on the chip i7-920. Since I can't email intel I thought I'd put it on here. The seller says it's an intel that failed the check at the company because it outperformed spec. I can understand this as it's a delicate business but why wouldn't they put an extra stamp on it themselves and say what it is. I haven't installed it yet as I'm saving for a good Overclocking motherboard. Any suggestions?  Same goes for RAM and graphics cards.


      But back to my main question he said if I followed his instructions I cn get it to be stable at 4.4+GHz Now it sound's to me like he's covering his own ***. The stamp on the CPU says exactly;

      INTEL (M) (C)'88 i7-920

      INTEL (R) COREtm i7



      3942A517 (e4)


      Except the things in brackets are in circles. Is this fraudulant or is it possible he's right. I'm hoping Intel could tell me without me having to take it to a PC store for testing costing me money and potentially (if it's true) having them swap it out and saying sorry kid you bought a dud..