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    Inaccessible boot device Windows 10 on NUC6i3SYH


      Hello everyone,


      I come here requesting for help because I've tried everything i've thought of to install Windows 10 (anniversary update) on my NUC6i3SYH.


      Here's my setup:

      Seagate mobile HDD 1TO 7MM ST1000LM035

      G.Skill RAM DD4-2400 PC4-19200 8192MB

      SSD INTEL 535 Series SM2280S3G2/120Gb



      Here's the symptom:

      I get a bluescreen (inaccessible boot device) right after the first reboot of the installation.

      No secure boot and no fast boot are activated in BIOS

      I am using official ISO downloaded from Microsoft site (you can get ISO if you have a serial number)

      Note that this is probably not a hardware problem since I can install Windows 7 without any problem (afer adding USB3 drivers to ISO)

      I can also install an "old" version of Windows 10 (from 2015) until I install the anniversary update, then the same problem of bluescreen (inaccessible boot device) occurs


      Here's everything I've tried so far

      - Updating BIOS to last version (0057)

      - Resetting BIOS to default values

      - Installing with UEFI only (no legacy) and HDD deactivated (only SSD seen during Win installation)

      - Installing with legacy BIOS and HDD deactivated (only SSD seen during Win installation)

      - Using repair mode with USB bootable ISO of Win 10

      - I used official Microsoft USB bootable key creation => same problem

      - I used rufus with UEFI or MBR => same problem

      - I used rufus with GPT => same problem

      - I tried booting with UEFI USB instead of USB

      - I tried manually creating partition during win 10 installation and I saw they were created

      - I used GPARTED live to delete partitions


      So far, I've had no luck. I ran the NUC on Windows 7 but I'd prefer having the lastest version of Windows.


      If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.