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    Generic Drivers for Intel Z3740 CPU?


      Hello there,


      I know that the Z3740 (and other Z3700 Series) drivers should be provided by the manufacturer of the tablet device, however I have (or well, had) a Toshiba WT8-A tablet with non working audio since the Anniversary update and Toshiba fails to provide proper, working drivers for this tablet.

      Well, the device is now unsupported it seems and Toshiba won't bring new drivers out anymore. But the funny thing is: Their device is locked to 32bit even tho it says 64bit capable, and guess what... They only provide Windows 10 64bit drivers on their site...


      Anyways, is there any way to obtain "generic" Z3700 Series (or specifically Z3740) drives for this case? I can't find them anywhere, only Lenovo ones which do fix the audio problem but these don't appear to be the most up-to-date ones.


      Thanks already and best regards,