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    X25-M 80GB G2 replacing laptop hard-drive, need advice on how to set it up.


      I have an Intel X25-M 80GB G2 on it's way, so right now I'm planning out how I am going to go about switching the drives. Since my laptop only has room for one drive, I am completely lost as to how I am going to set it up. I'm currently running Windows 7 32bit on a 160GB hard-drive, I'm only using about 40GB. I'm planning on cloning my current hard-drive to the SSD via an external hard-drive. I changed the partitions to 48GB for C:\ (OS/programs and documents), and 24GB for D:\ (music/pictures etc.) the rest is unallocated. Will my partitions copy over or should I change them? How can I update the firmware, and how do I enable AHCI, and when should I do all this, before or after I clone the old drive to the SSD? I've already disabled the weekly disk defragmenter, is there anything else I'll need to modify in the OS for the SSD? I'm in desperate need of assistance, if someone could explain each step in detail, that would help me a lot.