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    DH55HC MB Bios?


      I recently purchased a DH55HC MB with an i5 650 processor.  When trying to install Windows Vista Ult. 64 bit it would get to the point where it would start to build the system, then it would crash.  On restart the board would indicate a thermal trip.  In the bios in the hardware monitor it would indicate the temps at between 30-45c.  I then installed the Corsair H50 cooler.  After trying over and over to install the OS with the same outcome I decided to check for an upgrade on the bios.  I upgraded to the latest 0028 bios. It went fine but if you look in the hardware monitor everything is listed as "NOT PRESENT", What is up with that?  I was finally able to get the system installed but it will crash now and then for no reason. A strange thing about a serial port that only Intel MEI has a driver for but doesn't solve the issue.  The Real Temp program reports the temp between 20-35c and I have a Corsair H50 water cooler on the processor so I'm sure it's not over heating.

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          If the system is restarting by itself the issue could be related to the memory installed. What are the full specifications for the memory you are using on the system (speed, voltage and timings)?


          The BIOS being not able to report any temperature may be related to a Management Engine problem, you may need to clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power for 20 minutes at least, after that try using a previous version of the BIOS, one step behind should be fine and check again the BIOS.

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            I'm running a core i5 650 @ 3.2GHZ..... Memory speed is 1066 MHZ.... 4GB of OCZ3P1333LV4GK DDR3 1.65v the board says memory voltage is 1.5v. The memory latency is CL7-7-7-20.

            The computer has been running for the last 3 days with no problem. After reading your reply I decided I would clear the CMOS rerun the bios update. I was going to put the CD in the drive before shutting down, as soon as I pushed the button to open the drive it crashed.  When I turned it on it was indicating it had a thermal trip.  But opening the case and feeling around there isn't any heat, nothing is hot.  I believe Realtemp when it says 20-25C.



            I adjusted the memory voltage to 1.65V we'll see if that makes any difference.

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              If the memory is rated for 1.65v this instability issue could be related to how the memory is being clocked by the motherboard, However you should keep in mind that the processor installed may be damaged when using a voltage higher than 1.6v.


              However a processor thermal trip message is not expected, however if the system is able to restart right away after this happens, then probably this could be just a misreading from the system BIOS.


              The best troubleshooting that could be done on this particular problem would be swapping some of the components involved such as the processor, motherboard and memory.

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                Ok, my first question is. Why is there a 1.65v setting for the memory if the processors the board was designed for can't handle it? Anyway I did set the voltage for 1.65V and it hasn't crashed and/or complained about a thermal trip since. Near as a I can tell the only problem now is the hardware monitors in the bios saying that they are "NOT PRESENT". I would go back a version on the bios if I wasn't worried that I would just get thermal trip problems again. Due to the older bios displaying monitor temps in the high 50's even with the Corsair cooler in place. If it works don't fix it comes to mind. That doesn't mean I don't want a resolution to the problem.  By the way swapping all those parts for testing is not an option, unless someone is going to supply those parts.

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                  The 1.65v and above settings are available since this motherboard is an Extreme Series motherboard, those settings are available for you to customize them depending on the system configuration you would like to use, this provides flexibility to your system, even if it implies overclocking which may damage the components on the system if it is not properly done. You may take advantage of such features under your discretion.

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                    Because new processor integrate memory controller, so if the memory voltage is too high, it may damage processor, that's why Intel suggest to use memory which voltage is lower than 1.6V.

                    And regarding hardware monitor issue, because ME need to keep some info in the memory, so please try another 1.5V memory and see if same issue happens again

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                      I have searched all over and not found anything that says a Core i5 would be damaged by 1.65v memory.  The memory (OCZ) says it's designed specificly for the i3, i5 & i7.  On to the latest... I did a recovery on the bios due to there had to be something wrong there. After the recovery low an behold the Hardware Monitoring was working again.  The temps are listed as CPU core 40.7, MCH 59, PCH 59, VR 54 and Memory 48.  If this is correct I would say it's high but I have the Cosair water cooler on the CPU so it shouldn't hot.  I had a heck of a time to get the machine to boot it kept crashing with that thermal trip. But it would boot in safe mode and not crash. I had to dump and reinstall the MEI but finally it would boot and has been running for a couple hours now.  When I ran Real Temp the temps are 20-30 all the time so I still don't believe this thermal trip stuff.  In the Device Manager the Intel Management Engine Interface has a yellow triangle and "!".  I've tried uninstalling to fix that but it hasn't worked. So far I'm not thinking much of this board or processor.

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                        You may refer to the following site for the memory limitation information:




                        Concerning the temperature readings you listed, they are within specifications. Keep in mind that at BIOS level, all power saving features (which also reduce heat) are not present on BIOS, like Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® Technology (EIST) for example, so you can consider the temperature readings on BIOS like running the motherboard on burning mode.


                        Regarding the ME exclamation mark, what I can think would be to clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power for 20 minutes at least, this would be to refresh the ME interface and then load the latest driver for this hardware from this link:



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                          I reset the memory voltage to 1.5V, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the problem anyway.  I pulled all the power per your instruction, once reset the bios seems correct.  Of course when I booted it crashed with a thermal trip, it did that twice.  Then it booted, I uninstalled the MEI rebooted and then reinstalled the MEI. Using the newest software of course, (been using the newest all along) but that driver will not install correctly.  I want to load Windows Home Server on that machine but I'm not going to until Vista runs correctly. There has to be some timing issue in installing all the pieces of that MEI. The event viewer says it fails to handshake with the firmware.

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                            I have done all things that you have suggested (except swapping parts) the only things that have changed are, the hardware monitor in the bios work now and the computer hasn't crashed. Those are good but.....  If the computer needs to reboot or if you shut it off and then boot it up every first try at booting, it gets to starting the OS and then shuts off and what is it..... THERMAL TRIP.... Turn it back on, let it go through beeping garbage and it will boot up fine except for MEI the driver will not load. I have installed the latest driver and software but it doesn't make any difference.

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                              The ME driver issue could be an operating system corruption problem, you may need to try a separate operating system installation to isolate this


                              Concerning the thermal trip issue, this could be either processor or motherboard related, check with your place of purchase to see if you can replace one of them and see if the issue persists.

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                                Hmmm I found a bios update on the website from just a few days ago. Oh it address the issues I have been having. Why is it I didn't hear about it.

                                By the way the so called prefered method to update the bios rendered the board inoperative. The recovery method doesn't work either. I had trouble the last time I updated the bios but this time it just made the board totally useless.

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                                  At this point you may try a BIOS recovery update on the system, if the problem continues check with your place of purchase or the Intel support channel to get an RMA for the motherboard

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                                    You guys are worthless I threw the board away.