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    Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, i7 3770k and Z77X UP7 - no manual OC!


      Hello everyone,


      I have some troubles in OCing my CPU with the Intel XTU. When I install the program and start it these options show up:





      There is no actual "manual overclocking" menu and as you can see I'm also not able to set vCore or DVID/Offset. There are just these few options but i've already seen people with more settings like RAM-Timings, vCore and so on.

      Why do I not have them? I installed everything correctly and its the newest version of XTU.


      Im using a:

      i7 3770k

      GIGABYTE Z77X UP7 @ F5 Bios

      Corsair Vengenace 16GB 1600MHz CL10

      Corsair H100i

      EVGA GTX 1070 FTW

      BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 650w


      Running on Win10 64bit


      Its running on stock-settings. RAM isnt set to XMP-Profile.


      Why do I only have a few option to choose from?

      How can I fix it?


      I've already tried to use different BIOS. I used the F5 and the Modbios F7a. No difference.


      Thanks for help.