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    X540-T2 for Server 2016 Cluster Network


      I have a couple of questions regarding the use of an Intel X540-T2 10G Ethernet card as the main network card in a Windows Server 2016 cluster:


      1. I cannot find official Intel drivers for the X540-T2 for Windows Server 2016. The page at Download Intel® Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10 indicates that the drivers provided in that package are not compatible with Windows Server 2016. Can someone point me in the direction of Intel provided Server 2016 compatible drivers for the X540-T2 cards?
      2. I am using a pair of these cards as the main network cards for a Windows Server 2016 cluster running the File Server role to provide a highly available set of file shares. The cards are currently using the Microsoft in-box drivers. When I configure the File Server role in the cluster, there's an error relating to the ISATAP tunnelling address not being able to be brought online. The error that's shown in the event log is:
        IPv6 tunnel address resource 'IP Address 2002:xxxx:xxxx:x:x:xxxx:aa.bb.cc.dd' failed to come online. Cluster network 'Cluster Network 1' associated with dependent IP address (IPv4) resource 'IP address aa.bb.cc.dd' does not support ISATAP tunnelling. Please ensure that the cluster network supports ISATAP tunnelling.This error was not showing for the cluster network itself, but has only appeared when I've configured the File Server Role. The error was also not showing for the same role that was running on an old pair of servers on Windows Server 2012 and using Broadcom NICs. I've searched online and there's not much out there about resolving this issue and I was wondering whether anyone has seen this issue before and has steps to resolve it?


      Many thanks