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    C600 RAID 5 with SSD drives cause single drive failure under heavy load


      I have a Intel Server P4000CP with C600 RAID controller. I have five SSD drives (Samsung 840 PRO 256 GB), configuration - one system drive and 4 RAID 5 drives. I am running Windows 2012 R2. All drivers and firmware at latest versions.


      Problem - when copying lots of data from the RAID drive (backups) I will occasionally (once a week) get a failed status on one of the RAID drives. Using the Intel Rapid Storage tool I can select the "Mark as normal"  property and it will rebuild the drive and put it back to "Normal".  It is always the same physical drive that fails. I have replaced with a new drive. No help.


      The system drive works without issue.


      Any help would be appreciated.