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    Multiple sensor inputs to Edison


      I'd like to clarify my understanding about managing multiple sensor inputs to the Edison using the mini breakout board. In my application, I'd like to read the inputs from two pressure transducers such as this one, which outputs between 0.5V and 4.5V in an analog signal. I take it that I need an ADC for this type of output to be recognised by the Edison. I'd also like to read the output from a load cell like this, which is routed via this load cell amplifier. It appears that each of these three requires access to a pair of I2C pins (SCL and SDA). Is this the case, and if so, does this mean it is only possible to connect 2 of the 3 sensors, given that there are only 2 pairs of I2C pins on the Edison? I also note that this board has 4 inputs, and that it also says up to 4 can be stacked. If this is true, what extra pins on the Edison is it accessing? Out of interest, how does the device address differ from the I2C pins? Basically I'd like to find out how I can connect all 3 sensors up!


      On a related note, what is the behavior to be expected with these sensors if the program is not run in real time (i.e. from a Python script on Linux)?


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.