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    Q965/Q963 Express Windows 7 Pro Oversized Scan


      Sometime in last two weeks a strange display problem has arisen

      I'm using an ACER AL2016W which until then has always displayed perfectly in 1680x1050  (more than was the case with XP Pro),  but recently whenever I start the displayed area seems bigger than the screen can show and the text is all blurry. If I select the 'graphics options'...'panel fit' and toggle a couple of times between 'full screen' and 'maintain aspect ratio' it will suddenly snap into the correct mode and become crisp & clear again.

      I've downloaded the latest approved Intel drivers and installed those but not difference

      Sometimes it snaps into sync after one change, sometimes 10-12 switches are needed.  It's getting very annoying.

      If anyone knows of a fix (0r reason) please let me know