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    AC8260 does not honor BIOS setting to enable/disable


      We have several Dell laptops with the Intel AC8260 wireless card. Mostly they are Dell Latitude E7470 and E7270 machines. We use Dell's BIOS setting to enable/disable the wireless NIC when a wired NIC is connected. This cuts down on the number of wireless clients on our wireless network and cleans up the different connections to a system. The problem we have is that this BIOS setting will not work unless Intel's ProSet Wireless suite is installed on the system. The ProSet suite is complete overkill for our end users and is very intrusive. Even if I disable it for the individual users, it will ask if the user wants a new wireless network to be added to an Intel profile - this is confusing and unnecessary when Windows does just fine at managing wireless networks. As far as I can tell there is no way to disable it and hide the icon without replacing .ini files for every user and some other unnecessarily complicated settings.


      If we do NOT install the entire ProSet Wireless suite, the wireless card does not enable and disable properly based on the BIOS setting. I would like to see the driver fixed so that the entire ProSet WIreless suite is not required. I have discussed this with Dell tech support at higher levels and they apologized but left us with this being Intel's ultimate design. All I want is a simple driver that lets Windows manage the wireless, and lets the BIOS enable or disable the hardware. We have a decent quantity of these machines and I think it is important to keep the end user experience as simple as possible. We use Windows 7 Professional.


      Thanks for listening. Hopefully I'm not the only one with this problem or complaint. Dell seems to have their hands tied so I'm trying to reach out to Intel here.