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    Usb-c CAC-1504 and NUC7I3BNH, picture quality?


      I have read here that some people use the CAC-1504, I just got it but compared to the hdmi with 4k\60hz the image is too sharp with shadows and a "3d" effect.


      How is the quality supposed to be compared to the hdmi connection?


      Edit.. club-3d support quickly fixed it with a firmare update.  Great

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          Hello marjo,

          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

          In this case, when you use the USB type-C port to connect a display, you are using the Display Port which is integrated to the same port.

          Resolutions supported by the HDMI output and the Display Port are the same (4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz); however, if you are using an adapter from USB type-C to HDMI, you are actually going from Display Port to HDMI).

          In the specific case of the adapter that you mentioned, the max resolution supported is 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz, which means that by using this adapter, the max resolution supported by the Intel® NUC is being limited by that adapter.

          Hope this information helps.

          Please don't hesitate in replying to this post if you need further assistance.

          Juan Carlos