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    Edison as SPIMaster gets shifted data from SPIslave at frequency higher than 1MHz


      A brief description of my system:

      I have an intel Edison as a HUB gathering data from a Nordic micro controller through SPI. The Edison is the master and the microcontroller is the slave, which has a maximum SPIslave frequency of 8MHz. I have settled in both sides the SPI_mode 3.

      When I set the clock frequency to 1MHz, the system works fine, i read the data properly, however when in the edison HUB I increase the SPI speed to 2MHz or higher, the data is received one bit shifted .

      On the oscilloscope I see the clock signal properly but on the MISO line I get the data shifted.


      Any idea how can I solve this? The micro controller slave does support this high frequency and if i try it with another hub it works!

      My system needs a high throughput, therefore I need a higher SPI speed.

      Thanks in advance for your attention.