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    i5 4690K poor performance?




      I've got an i5 4690K and I'm getting always a 100% workloard while playing games (CS:GO for example). Watching a normal youtube video takes already 40% workload. As my workload is that high while playing games, I'm getting bad fps/stuttering which really is annoying. I wanted to overclock my CPU but the temperature is already at 65°C (stresstest) so I don't think I will get much out of it. Any idea to improve my situation? I think the CPU should be good enough to run a few games with good fps. Thanks in advance!



      here are my specs:


      • 4096MB MSI GeForce GTX 970
      • i5 4690K
      • 16GB RAM DDR3
      • Asus Z97-P Intel Z97 So.1150 Dual Channel DDR3 ATX