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    Win7 on P4  with poor coloration,  XP Pro worked fine.


      Issue :  Attempting to upgrade to Win7 from XP Pro

                   All seems ok except extreme screen  coloration  problems at 800x600

                   which is the only display setting allowed.

                   Under XP Pro SP3, on a different HDD,  there were no screen issues

                   and the Monitor ( HP vx74 )  performed as expected.

      A screen capture is shown at  http://n2006b.com/Res/

      Basement Win 7 Machine  Configuration follows

      Intel D845GERG2L    a 2003 MB  A97835-106



      Intel Desktop Board D845GERG2L - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket 478 - i845GE


      Model Number:  BLKD845GERG2L

      Brand:  Intel

      Condition:  New Bulk Board With Accessory

      Alt. Part Number:  D845GERG2L

      Type:  Motherboard


      Technical Description

      Brand:  Intel

      Model:  BLKD845GERG2L

      Socket Type:  478

      CPU Type:  Pentium 4 Prescott / Celeron

      FSB:  533/400MHz

      Number of Memory Slots:  2×184pin

      Memory Standard:  DDR 333

      Maximum Memory Supported:  2GB

      AGP Slots:  1 x AGP 2X / 4X

      PCI Slots:  3

      PATA:  2 x ATA100 4 Dev. Max

      Onboard Video Chipset:  Intel Extreme Graphics

      Audio Chipset:  Integrated AC'97 Audio

      Max LAN Speed:  10/100Mbps

      USB 1.1/2.0:  4 x USB 2.0

      Form Factor:  Micro ATX

      Dimensions (W x L):  9.6" x 8.2"


      Monitor  HP vx74 using

          Microsoft Driver 6.1.7600.16385  which Win7 says is up to date


      I know the MB and monitor are capable of  good color at 800x600,

      but don't know how to proceed.


      Tried win32_152824 but it says computer does not meet minimum requirements.

      Tried win32_153633.4578 but it says computer does not meet minimum requirements.

      Of course it is an Intel P4 MB

      Still running MSFT 6.1.7600.16385 with poor coloration and MSFT says that driver is up to date.

      Other ideas ?

      Any ideas are appreciated.

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello srfpala,

          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.

          After reviewing this motherboard information and compatible operating system, I find out that this motherboard does not support Windows® 7, this is an old motherboard and at that time it was made to work with Windows® XP and other operating systems before Windows® Xp.

          At this point, the only option is to try to update Windows and check if that helps if not you will need to go back to Windows® XP.

          I’m sorry this is not what you wanted to hear but this is the reality with motherboard and since you have Windows® 7 installed now there is no driver available to solve this issue.

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Desktop Boards

          Best regards,