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    How can I achieve line-in audio


      NUC Experts


      I have a NUC6i5SYH connected to Zone 2 of my Denon AVR-X2300 AV receiver via HDMI.


      I want to rip my records and have connected an RCA to 3.5mm to Zone 2 of my receiver.


      When I connect the cable into the NUC mic / headphone port, I see a Realtec window open and I choose if Ihave a headset, mic ect.  I choose mic.


      No sound at all.  My connections are ok and zone 2 works.  I am using the Intel sound driver released last January.  I have tried Stereo Mix and Mic in the Sound section of Control Panel.  I use Windows 10. 


      Is the NUC designed for line-in purposes like this or am I doing something wrong?