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    BSOD with VIZIO HDTV - works with Samsung


      I have searched with no success to solve this.  We have a VIZIO 42" HDTV model E420d-A0 purchased from Costco and about 3 years old.  I just checked with Vizio tech support and it "automatically" receives firmware updates.


      This is just a "test HDTV" but VIZIO is quite  widely used here in California.  The Intel Compute Stick is model no, STK1AW32SC,  and is showing BSOD after the "Intel Compute Stick logo" comes up.  Even worse, is that we had to go to a 27" Samsung "just to run the INITIAL Windows 10 setup routine" to even get to Windows 10!!!  While on the Samsung, I updated the BIOS to the most current xx34 - SAME BSOD that Windows could not load and something about a ks.sys error (I looked that up but it's very general as a hardware of software "change" error).  I also did a Windows UPDATE and updated Windows 10.


      STILL BSOD!  I tried all 3 HDMI inputs and even unplugged and powered down the Vizio and same BSOD.


      I should note that 3 OTHER HDMI "dongles" WORK with no problem on this same Vizio "test machine":


      1) Amazon Fire Stick

      2) Microsoft Miracast/Wi-Di Adapter

      3) MHL Adapter for iPhone projection


      ALL WORK, but I "unplugged ALL of them" and SAME BSOD?



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          I just tried something else and same BSOD but here is more detail it says


          KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and What failed: ks.sys.  There is no other error code.


          In the initial post, I forgot to say that TWICE - out of perhaps over 25 attempts - I DID GET Windows 10 to LOAD on this same VIZIO!  But, unlike the Samsung which just "works EVERY single time" - I COULD actually connect to the internet and perform typical PC tasks ON THIS Vizio!


          BUT ... when I "restarted", shut down, etc. ... BACK to the BSOD!


          I am trying to replicate what makes Windows 10 LOAD ...


          So, very strange!

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello AAC,

            Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

            Can you please provide the following information to better assist you?

            • Did the device use to work without issues?
            • Have you tested it in a 3rd monitor/tv?
            • Have you tried an OS recovery?
            Please boot the device using the Samsung TV, enable safe mode for the next boot, disconnect the Samsung TV from the stick and then connect it to the Vizio TV to boot the device in safe mode.

            In addition, you can check the following link for compatibility information:

            Tested Peripherals for Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC and STK1A32SC

            I hope to hear from you soon.

            Juan Carlos
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              Hi Juan,


              Thank you for the reply:


              • Did the device use to work without issues? - NO, brand new and replacement unit as I must have tried "too many" times to "factory reset and would no longer even offer a "reset" - said not available.  Needless to say, after spending well over 4 hours of my busy day TRYING everything ... when the replacement unit arrived on 3-19-2017, I FIRST tested it with the Samsung and IT WORKED on FIRST attempt.
              • Have you tested it in a 3rd monitor/tv? We only have Vizio and Samsung HDTVs and that IS our "use case" (HDTVs).  Yes, I now see that Vizio is NOT listed  but Vizio is a VERY popular "HDTV brand" and Costco "I have read" sells more HDTVs than even Best Buy.  Therefore, I would certainly "hope" that Intel could get Vizio to work properly!
              • Have you tried an OS recovery? We did on the "first unit" and it never completed.  I have worked with computers a LONG time and the very fact that we "successfully ran" - with the Samsung - a whole series of Windows UPDATES "all the way to currently at 14393-969, so I see little benefit in "resetting all the way back to factory" - and start all over again.


              I should add that last evening, in desperation as we have an active project requirement for our Vizio HDTVs, I performed a series of "combination POWER ON tests" and GOT this same Vizio to LOAD SUCCESSFULLY into Windows 10!


              EVERYTHING WORKS NOW ... EXCEPT, I don't know exactly "how I tricked" both to talk properly.  I believe that I:


              1) Turned off the Vizio and unplugged for 10 minutes.

              2) Powered ON the Compute stick

              3) Plugged the Vizio back in and tuned it ON - the Vizio remembers the HDMI port last used.

              4) I am so far behind, that I loaded some of our test apps - everything WORKS just like any Windows 10 computer.

              5) BUT ... I am afraid to "shut down" or re-start and left it ON ALL NIGHT ... this morning, it's still ON and the screen saver had kicked it (I luckily changed the power settings so it NEVER goes to sleep, turns off the display, etc.


              I "suspect" that there is something in the "handshaking" on power up that Windows 10 "doesn't like"?


              Any ideas?



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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hi AAC,


                The handshaking could be an issue as you noted because the Vizio TV is not listed as compatible, but other than giving BSOD, the screen won't even get any signal (if handshaking related).


                Have you tried all the 3 HDMI inputs available on your TV?


                I was checking the manual of your TV and it asks you to turn the TV and the HDMI device off before you connect it to the HDMI input (could be related to the handshake), you can review the information in the TV's manual, under "Connecting your devices" section in page 11 (numbered in the footer).


                By testing a 3rd monitor/TV you would discard or confirm if the issue is related to the device or to compatibility with the TV.


                Also, if you are able to get to the BIOS, where no drivers are involved, you can try then with the safe mode to load basic drivers so you can narrow the issue.


                Please let me know how it goes.


                Juan Carlos

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                  Hi Juan,


                  Yes, I have tried all three HDMI inputs and same situation.  As of now (6 pm on 3-21-2017), our test Vizio and Intel Compute Stick have been UP and fully functional for 24 hours and I am actually getting a lot of dev and testing down - including testing the "speed of this version of the Compute Stick".


                  That's an excellent find in the VIZIO manual but "powering OFF the VIZIO" was something I repeatedly tried and still BSOD. The best I can determine is that WHAT WORKED 24 hours ago was a "VIZIO power OFF/unplug the VIZIO from AC for over 10 minutes" ... then re plug-in the Intel Compute Stick, THEN power ON the Compute Stick BEFORE plugging the VIZIO back into the AC and then powering the VIZIO ON.


                  Unfortunately, as I stated, I was never expecting this situation and must continue to use that to further set up our desired test scenario.


                  I have NOT tried either a restart nor shut down and restart - which I did many times successfully on the Samsung - and now am "COMPLETELY up-to-date" with all Windows 10 "updates" at 1607 - 14393.969.


                  As you might imagine, our ENTIRE GOAL is to "enable a large screen HDTV monitor" to be a self-contained Windows 10 "HUGE desktop" ... so, I must concentrate on that as I started this project last Thursday 3-16-2017.


                  I didn't see a "safe mode" but I COULD get into the BIOS, even on the VIZIO - how do I get into safe mode?


                  Thank you for your help,




                  PS  Do you work at Intel?  We know about the M3 and M5 Compute Sticks - do they support VIZIO HDTVs that you can find?

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                    I think the VIZIO vs. Samsung issue may be a bit of a red herring because I have a VIZIO M320NV and a Samsung UN50HU6950 and for me it's the Samsung that gives me the most problems whereas the VIZIO has never had any issues whether connecting via HDMI, DVI to HDMI, or VGA ports. My Compute Stick STK1AW32SC never has any problems except with the Samsung, unless you count the fact that old TVs that haven't previously been used as a monitor generally need some sort of adjustment for overscan.


                    The issue for me is that the Samsung is a smart TV and as such can get into a mode where it's not usable as a monitor, and the only way to recover, as you have discovered, is to unplug the TV for long enough that the volatile memory that keeps it stuck in an unfavorable mode is reset. It's too bad that it's not so easy to find dumb TVs because the Compute Stick is way more useful than any of the smart features of the TV. I think that by the time a vendor has included a processor that's powerful enough to upscale low-resolution inputs to HD or UHD the temptation to install a wimpy OS and a few apps is just too great to resist. When will they ever learn that software is so much harder than hardware?


                    In general devices that have a hard reset button are typically reliable enough that you hardly ever have to use it and the devices that really need a hard reset only have the option to unplug them. OK, the Compute Stick is an exception: I can't count the number of times I have used the 4-second power button reset. What seems to put my Samsung into unusable mode is setting dubious video modes, then turning power off and on, or power glitches followed by power on. If your systems don't have to run unattended then a finicky smart TV is probably OK. If they do, consider finding some dumb TVs.

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                      Wow, thank you for the reply, as I NEVER thought about that "newer smartcast" HDTVs and apps before your specific comments.  The Samsung that "works" is, in fact a "dumb" HDTV (6 years old in one of our bedrooms). At work we "only have VIZIO" as terrific bang for the buck and NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS before the Compute Stick. Amazon Fire Stick worked out of the box.  DVD/Blu-Ray player "worked out of the box".  Even several "Miracast/WiDi" Windows 10 "project to screen" JUST WORK out of the box - including the new Microsoft Wireless Display Adapters.


                      This VIZIO is 3.5 years old and JUST WORKS - but, IT DOES HAVE "built-in" smart apps and a wireless connection.  I was surprised that when I called VIZIO tech support 2 days ago to about check "firmware updates" ... that this VIZIO was totally up-to-date with OTA firmware updates - I didn't even know it "updates when turned off, but plugged into AC!


                      SO ... thanks for the comments and I now must "check to see" IF a newer Samsung HDTV even works?  Our goal, WAS/IS to eventually get 55" to 80"+ units deployed with an Intel Compute Stick - perhaps the M3 or M5 or "NEXT rev up"?  I have read that the NUCs "seem to work" but have no idea whether the M3 or M5 would solve this problem?


                      BUT ... as you have said "WAY TOO MANY" HDTV models and brands to "test before buying"!


                      YES, you are correct ... the HDTV manufacturers just don't care that their HDTVs can be "large" Windows 10 computers.


                      Thanks again for taking the time to comment ...




                      PS  I have "successfully" paired the Logitech 830 backlit and wireless keyboard and touchpad with the Compute Stick in case that may help you  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZOPVSKW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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                        Well, bad news, after letting the Compute Stick "run Windows" on this VIZIO for 2 days (48 hours) PICTURE PERFECT as a FULL 42" Windows 10 PC, I did my dreaded "Restart" and after spinning dots and obviously attempting to Restart ... the Intel PC Stick logo comes up, and nearly instant BSOD.


                        Encouraged by supposed "trick" above. I shut the VIZIO down, UNPLUGGED the VIZIO for 15 minutes and the plugged the PC Stick back in, powered up the PC Stick, then, plugged the VIZIO back in and turned ON the VIZIO.


                        NOW, I get "No Signal" = FIRST time this has happened. (I even repeated the above OVERNIGHT and this morning repeated the steps above and "No Signal" (I did leave the PC Stick plugged into the HDMI 2 port but power off).


                        Later I will try again, but I am now additionally convinced that it's some sort of STARTUP "handshake/boot sync" issue - but, I wouldn't even know where to begin!


                        Oh yes, plugged in the Amazon Fire Stick and WORKS NO PROBLEM!


                        Once I get the Compute Stick to WORK next time, I will let it run forever - or at least until, I find scenario that works ALL THE TIME!!!


                        Are there any Intel Compute Stick engineers monitoring this thread as "THIS SCENARIO" could sure sell a LOT of "compute sticks" - and companies, like ours, would most likely move UP to the M3 or M5 versions @ $350 to $500 EACH!

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                          Intel Corporation
                          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                          Hello AAC,


                          At this point, there isn't any VIZIO TV in any compatibility list for any of the Intel® Compute Stick models, I am unable to assure that you won't have any issues.


                          For information on how to boot into safe mode you can check the following:


                          Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10 - Microsoft


                          I will pass this information to the appropriate department in order to further investigate the issue.


                          Once I have further information, I will update this thread.


                          Juan Carlos

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                            Thank you Juan for forwarding this.


                            Anyway, GREAT NEWS, I "GOT" this same VIZIO E420d-A0 to "ONCE AGAIN, for the 4th time (out of 30+ attempts), to BOOT into Windows 10" - by unplugging, waiting some period of time and then plugging in the VIZIO AC power, powering UP the Intel Compute Stick, then tuning ON the VIZIO HDTV.  But, I just can NOT "yet" replicate the steps.


                            I will keep trying and keep this "test unit UP" FULL TIME until we can test other HDTVs.


                            Even BETTER = "breaking news", I found a older 47" VIZIO model M3D470KD (maybe 4+ years old, but NOT ancient) – and still works great for “cable TV and DVD/Blu-Ray, etc.  FIRST TIME, I plugged IN the Intel Compute Stick and BAM ... booted successfully into Windows 10 = WOW!!! I mean, ZERO issue nor BSOD = IT JUST WORKED!!!


                            I have a thread on the VIZIO support forum ... and, am "trying" to get VIZIO "tech support" to explain "what might" cause one model to work and the other to NOT work.


                            I believe that "Repeat%20 Offender" above may be correct as "older units WORK" and more recent model "have problems".  I am going to try an follow this trail when I get time.


                            OH YES ... the REWARD of "seeing Windows 10, and OUR APPLICATIONS actually running on a 42" and 47" HDTV ... just IS AMAZING!





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                              I have found a little time to comment further today. One thing I forgot to mention is that some hardware just seems to throw the Compute Stick for a loop, and it might be useful to eliminate all such sources of interference and see if that helps any. In that vein I would try unplugging all the other devices from you VIZIO, and remove the microSD card, if any, from your Compute Stick. Also start Windows with a known good TV and disable any automatic WiFi connection on your Compute Stick. Turn off the BlueTooth keyboard and connect a plain vanilla USB keyboard. Turn off any other BlueTooth devices your Compute Stick might try to pair with if that's possible. For this test your Compute Stick should only be connected to its power brick, the USB keyboard, and the HDMI input on your VIZIO via the short adapter it ships with. Then unplug your VIZIO for 10 minutes and try again.


                              Another thing to try is to update the Intel drivers for your Compute Stick, I think the URL is Drivers & Software . Have you tried logging in to your VIZIO via Miracast? I wrote up an explanation of how do to this here Blind login . It would be interesting to see whether that bluescreens your Compute Stick as well.


                              As far as using the Compute Stick with a big monitor, at some display size you are going to want to upgrade to UHD. Just go the Walmart or Target and look at some of the bigger 1080p monitors at the distance you would contemplate viewing them from and you will probably find the screen door effect quite noticeable. The problem with Compute Sticks in that regard is that they only have HDMI 1.4 and so they can't pump 3840x2160 @60 Hz with 444 chroma. Over HDMI 1.4 you can do this at 30 Hz or at 420 chroma, and both have their limitations. 420 is no good for a monitor because in some contexts fine print can be unreadable. 30 Hz seems to make it easier to lose the mouse cursor and is no good for games and if you want to watch a 60 Hz video you have to switch modes. I got my computer and monitor long enough ago that HDMI 2.0 wasn't really an option at the price points I was contemplating, but nowadays I think you should insist on HDMI 2.0. The latest NUCs seem to have it as well as CEC so you might want to think more in terms of the next step up.

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                                Intel Corporation
                                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                Hi AAC,

                                Good to hear that.

                                At this moment, everything points out to compatibility issues between drivers and the VIZIO TV that gives the problem.

                                Juan Carlos

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                                  Thank you for the update.  Sounds very logical ... I have NOT "re-started nor turned off" the Compute Stick for now several days and the Compute Stick and the VIZIO "just WORK" as I would expect.


                                  Are there some "system logs" that I can dump and send - perhaps that would further focus in on the issue?  As I said, the VIZIO "brand" is quite common here in Silicon Valley as there are MANY Costco stores and VIZIO is a best seller.


                                  I am NOT a "expert" in system logs but if you can provide detailed instructions I would be happy to provide them.


                                  PS  VIZIO tech support tells me that there is NO TECHNICAL DIFFERENCE between the VIZIO model that WORKS and the one that BSODs (the one that I have had running for several days now).


                                  It's worth a shot, isn't it???



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                                    The typical reason why one TV causes issues and another doesn't is because of differences in the VPID data that the monitor returns. These can be compared by looking at the differences in the information stored in the registry below key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video when each monitor is connected...


                                    Hope this helps,


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