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    Power failure - Server System R1304GZ4GC


      Hello there,


      I had a lovely working server until today, I wanted to add a internal ssd into the case so I had to get the power supply for it. There is a OSD connector there for power so I found a thread on how to get a cable ffor this connector as there not available to buy now. I followed this guide to make up my cable


      In hind sight I should of got the multimeter out and checked the voltages myself as its obvious something has short circuited.


      Upon plugging in a hard drive the server turned off with a bunch of beeps, I have tried to power on the server several times with the same set of beeps. I had the reduntant power supply disconnected at the time and that does not help either.

      I am able to access the BMC and gather the sensor reading and shows the following messages




      Pwr Unit Status

      reports there has been a soft power control failure reports the power unit has suffered a failure



      Pwr Unit Redund

      reports redundancy has been lost reports redundancy has been lost and there are insufficient resources to maintain normal operation






      PS1 Status

      reports the power supply's presence has been detected reports the power supply has suffered a failure reports a predictive failure has been detected for the power supply



      PS2 Status

      reports the power supply's presence has been detected reports the power supply's input (AC/DC) has been lost








      Is there a reset procedure I can do or have I fried the motherboard?


      Any help would be appreciated.




      Craig Dabbs