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    Changing the motherboard and cpu of laptop


      I have a lonovo flex 2 with a i3-4030U processor.  I know that the cpu is soldered to the motherboard.  I want to upgrade to a i7-4510U.  I looked on ebay and found a motherboard with the i7-4510U processor for the lonovo flex 2.  The shape of the motherboard matches the motherboard with the i3-4030U.  Can I install the motherboard with the i7-4510U in my laptop?  Will it work?

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          Hello Nate321,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          In this case, you computer manufacturers determine if the processor can be upgrade or not in your system and what processor is compatible.
          Even though you motherboard has the same socket for this processor, the BIOS needs to be compatible as well, now, if this processor is soldered down to the motherboard you take the risk to damage the system and to leave completely useless. Laptops are far more picky than desktop PCs about such upgrades and depend on a couple of factors: whether the CPU is fixed to the chipset with adhesive or had the pin welded to the socket, and whether it's accessible and can therefore be removed and replaced.
          Laptops are created on special frames that ensure all parts fit snugly and correctly each time one is created. Manually opening up a laptop and doing anything more technical than swapping hard drives or adding more RAM isn't the easiest of processes and will almost certainly invalidate your warranty.
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