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    My dad buys a $3000 predator gaming laptop to play duke nukem forever and two days later he broke it. please help


      i figure you guys would appreciate the laugh and in return undo whatever the hell dad has done to this glorious piece of technology.

      if I knew what he did I might be able to fix it but so far all I know is:

      - Intel RST popped up telling him to do something with his drive for better performance or something

      - he did because why not

      - intel RST ui looks like this:

      I don't know what it looked like before but I think that array used to just be one drive, either way the end result is this:

      - his main hard drive should obviously be close to 1TB, for some reason it's not, he can only use 118gb of space.


      I know support forums have heaps of rules and this is a very vague problem (I think) but I really don't know whats going on myself, let me know if you need more info. thanks in advanced.