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    Intel Pro 1000 PT Dual - Windows 10 x64 - ANS NIC Teaming


      I am running Windows 10 x64 using a Intel Pro 1000 PT Dual Nic.  The latest 22.0.1 drivers say they have ANS support for NIC Teaming to finally work on Windows 10 with The Anniversary update.


      When I go to configure the adapter I don't get he Nic teaming options in the Adapter Properties dialog menu.


      Are the drivers not updating on my PC or are there no driver updates for this card?  Or does the 1000 PT dual not work with Teaming even if I had it installed and the teaming options available.


      I have another Intel Nice on my computer I217-LM and it has the Teaming properties in the adapter properties dialog menu.  If i choose both the PT 1000 ports I get an error when trying to setup the Team.


      Error: "Each team must include at least one Intel server device or Intel integrated connection that supports teaming."


      Am I missing something here?