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    game doesnt get enough shared memory



      Recently i got a problem playing game World of Tanks. Problem is game crashing in to desktop or i get error message about insufficient amount of memory, then this happens all video settings in client game gets messed up.

      I have contacted wot support and opened ticket, waiting for their answer as problem could be from client side, but it could be on Intel side as well as on windows 10 side.

      By the way i can play the game for hours and nothing happens, but sometimes it happens and looks with no reason or i cant find it. Its not overheating. Drivers up to date.

      My machine:

      Hp laptop

      i7 6700HQ CPU

      Intel HD 530 GPU

      16Gb of DDR3 RAM

      Samsung EVO 750 SSD 500GB

      Two screens

      OS windows 10 64 PRO

      Video driver:



      As i understand my Intel HD 530 shared max video memory is controlled by windows 10 memory control manager. As per video graphics adapter info it shows max shared memory is up to 8Gb half of my memory installed on the PC.

      The same is shown by dxdiag tool and no problems could be seen. Windows is fresh install so it works good.

      Wot to collect info about computer has their own software witch created report about machine and possible problems, using this tool one of the points is it gathering info form dxdiag about video card and it show that the max shared memory is 4Gb only.

      So info provided by windows and WoT tool show different results.


      Or could be this driver video driver problem that makes this issue then game clients needs more memory.?

      If to look at resource performance tool memory in use is about 30% all the rest is taken by "standby memory" data is cashed, could be a problem that then the game client needs more memory "stand by memory" cashed data is not cleared in the right time to be used by game client?


      So i would come back to thinking that it could be bad windows memory manager work!!!!


      What you think guys, any ideas?

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          This is the answer i got from Wargaming world of tanks game developers

          Dear lucanas,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          We are sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately Intel graphics are not fully supported in World of Tanks and such problems are indeed possible. It seems that the driver you are using suffers from a memory leak every now and then. At the same point, the Intel drivers are known to have various issues in the DirectX11 mode, including for example artefacts.

          Therefore, we recommend you downloading the file from the link below into your game directory and using it to launch the game instead of the game launcher:

          This will start the game in the DirectX9 mode, which is considered a "compatibility mode".

          Don't hesitate to contact us again in case of any further issues.

          Best regards,

          Jan Novák

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

            Hello lucanas,

            Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

            When you have a custom made PC, you have the opportunity to customize settings in the BIOS such as shared memory, as you mentioned up to 50% of the RAM; however, since you have an OEM system, some features or customizations are not allowed or blocked by the OEM; therefore, assigning 50% of the memory may not be possible

            In this case, you can try installing the Intel® Graphics Driver Beta [15.45] driver to see if the problem goes away.

            You can also check the recommended settings for this game at gameplay.intel.com, you will find specifications for a different processor but the graphics controller is the same (Intel® HD Graphics 530) and the specifications are pretty similar.

            You can also check the answer given by the game developer as it seems that it is a known issue that they are aware of.

            Please don't hesitate in replying to this post if you need further assistance.

            Juan Carlos

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              Hi, thanks for reply.

              i will start with a picture


              as we can see as i have mentioned before i have intel HD 530. So shared graphics memory is limited by OS. Here we have how it is done Calculating Graphics Memory (Windows Drivers)

              here is my system outputs



              So max memory theoreticly can be used as video memory up to 8GB. OK lets say to get that much might be will be hard so lets go down by half to 4GB it can be easily shared as video memory and this should be more then enough to play without errors i have mentioned.

              I don't like to use beta driver version as have to disable driver sign enforcement and loosing security (secure boot).

              Game settings? Ok i'm playing with lower settings provided by link you gave me.

              Anyway thanks for reply again i will keep trying to investigate and eliminate the problem.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello lucanas,

                You are right, 4GB should be enough, seems to be a random issue as you mentioned you are able to play the game for hours without any issues.

                Please let me know if you are able to implement the solution provided by the game developer.

                Juan Carlos

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                  Hi Juan,

                  I can implement solution provided by game developer but all what they want me to play with direct x9 and this will decrees my graphics visual . Graphics wont be as much nice as it is with direct x 11.

                  I think that problem is with bad game ( maps ) optimization as I don't have such a problem with any other game.


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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Hi lucanas,

                    Please don't hesitate in contacting us back if you need further assistance.

                    Best Regards,
                    Juan Carlos

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                      problem was drivers updated drivers with new release no more problems.