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    Intel HD Graphics 530 Driver Bricks Windows 10 Start Menu and Apps


      After doing some thorough testing with the Windows 10 (Anniversary) start menu bricking and Windows apps not launching, I have found the root cause of the issue and a solution, in my situation:


      The cause of the start menu bricking and Windows Apps crashing is from the Intel HD 530 driver version  This driver date is 1/18/2017 and was installed through Windows Updates.  I can confirm this, because the issue started to occur after I installed Windows Updates on 2/17/2017 (one month ago, today!).


      The solution to the issue is to roll back a driver, which will install version  Then update the driver back to version in Device Manager, which will pull the driver from Windows Updates.

      I tested this solution on three Dell Precision 3420 Towers and so far the start menu is in tact.