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    Any hope for better optimization of X-25M in future?


      I don't know if Intel's developers are reading these posts...

      i wonder if someday we'll be able to optimize our SSDs for even longer lifetime...

      Sorry for my English, but I'll do my best to describe my thoughts better here, so:

      The idea is:

      SSDs have certain number of "write cycles" before cells are no more usable. Let's take 80GB SSD here... for example i install Win7 and lots of needed software which will take in total of 40gb. So about 30gb of that used space will have information which won't be overwritten at all in time. And that makes about 50gb of space on SSD which will constantly be overwritten again and again. At the end I'll have 50gb of completely weared cells and 30gb of almost untouched cells.

      So will we have a tool to move data which isn't changed for a long time from those "new" cells to cells which are most weared? so that way we'll be able to prolong SSD's lifetime i suppose.

      Sorry if i'm wrong


      By the way:

      Have someone found a solution on how to run trim without disabling real-time protection in Kaspersky Antivirus?