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    DC P3520: DeviceStatus *ASSERT_403C7090 - drive offline.


      - Intel SSD DC P3520 Series xxxx -

      Bootloader : MB1B0104

      DevicePath : \\\\.\\SCSI5:

      DeviceStatus : *ASSERT_403C7090  $H

      Firmware : MDV10253

      FirmwareUpdateAvailable : Please contact Intel Customer Support for further assistance at the following website: http://www.intel.com/go/ssdsupport.

      Index : 0

      ModelNumber : INTEL SSDPEDMX020T7

      ProductFamily : Intel SSD DC P3520 Series

      SerialNumber : xxxx



      So, all of a sudden my data drive in my server disappears.

      I reboot.

      I power off and on.

      I run the DCTools, and get the following non-healthy error.


      HELP - what is going on?