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    How to fix the "quick move" display tool


      Okay, I'm having trouble with something I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet.


      I have the Intel HD Graphics 630 on my Dell XPS 15 (Kaby Lake).


      There is this neat tool that allows me quickly move a window from one display to another - it looks something like this (red arrows).

      This is for my 2 display setup (thus, 2 blue boxes) It used to have dotted lines at the halfway point of each blue boxes, so that I could drag a window into full screen, or half screens on either display. As you can see, it now has taken the left display and made a bunch of white dotted lines that I didn't create or want. And on the right display, there are now NO dotted lines.


      Does anyone know how to reset or change this? How do the lines get established in the first place? Is it some algorithm that automatically decides what you use frequently?


      Not sure.

      Thanks for any help.