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    Drone Programming Developer Language


      Hi guys,


      I have been building drones for 2 years now using Pixhawk & Arducopter, but I really want to take that a step further. I'd like to learn to program & create a flight controller using the Intel Joule board & later integrate realsense technologies & other sensors. My goal one day is to develop a weed recognition solution in farming & agricultural.


      I am very new to programming and computer software engineering so I am extremely overwhelmed by the mountain that faces me. I am however keen to give it a ready hot crack!


      My question today is what language should I learn first? There are a few languages out there such as C, C++, Ardunio, & Java etc.  I have had a major read around over the past few weeks and have not found what I am looking for. I am leaning towards C++ for its power, real time processing & 'safety critical' properties?


      What language do you guys recommend for drones & their applications & why?


      Kind regards,