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    Intel Storage Matrix Manager Incorrectly Reports drives as failed


      I am woking on an issue with Intel Storage Matrix Manager Incorrectly reporting hard drives as failed. This issue is occurring across multiple versions of ISMM Bios, Multiple Hard Disk makes and models (all SATA interfaces) and across three dell workstation models (Dell T3400, Dell Precision Workstation 390, and Dell Optiplex 390.


      Each Workstation has the same basic Raid Array configuration: Dual SATA Drives in a Raid 1. Drives could be Segate, Samsung or Western Digital. Workstation Bios SATA Setup: RAID ON. Each Model of Workstation has a different SATA controller in it.


      There are hundreds of each model deployed across multiple states in at local sites and the issue is occurring at a high rate across all of them, with no clear failure pattern to indicate a root cause. After researching the issue on support sites and blogs/Discussion boards similar to this it appears that the issue could be related to reliability of RAID arrays on desktop workstations along with read failure occurrences in SATA drives themselves.


      I have not posted details on each machine configuration as the issue happens across multiple workstation models, ISMM versions, etc... and does not appear to be restricted to a specific configuration setting.


      If anyone has any ideas, info on potential root causes or resolutions any info would be greatly appreciated.