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    Unknown disk on controller unknown, port unknown: missing (perfectly good drives!)


      This computer is less than a year old.


      Gigabyte z170x gaming 7 motherboard.

      4 4TB hard drives in a raid 10.

      2 512gb ssd drives in raid 0.


      upgraded bios from F7g to F20 and all of a sudden this happens.


      The raid has failed missing 2 of the 4 drives out of the raid10. It shows 2 of the missing drives as non-raid members with green checks.


      I know for a fact these drives work flawlessly. Is there some kind of tool we can use to correct this obvious error inside the rst?


      It gives me the ability to mark the 2 "non-raid" disks as a spare, but I haven't clicked on that as I feel it would do irreversible damage to an otherwise good disk.