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    intel HD 630




      How install drivers for intel HD 630 graphics to the noutbook with CPU i7 7820HQ? (Dell Latitude 5580-9248)?

      link with driver:

      Загрузить Драйвер графики Intel® для Windows* [15.45]



      Windows* 7, 64-разрядная версия
      Windows* 8.1, 64-разрядная версия
      Windows® 10, 64-разрядная версия*


      240,93 МБ



      Support hardware:

      and not supports, error: "This system does not meet the minimum requirements for software installation"




      Thank you.


      PS: Win 10 not a solution, win 10 trash)))

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          Ok, problem is done. Working.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello neseforov,
            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
            I’m glad that you were able to install the driver.
            Would you please explain to us how you install it? This is just in case somebody else with similar problem can be able to install it as well.
            Best wishes,

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              1. Remove standart driver, and not rebooting

              2. Extract driver files to the folder (any).

              3. Edit inf file igdlh64.inf, need a new line to the section:

              *Windows 7 Install - DT Only*

              %iKBLDTGT2%= iSKLD_w7, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_591B
              %iKBLWGT2%= iSKLD_w7, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_591B

              4. Run setup.exe and install driver. In the end install software - reboot.

              5. System - Device manager - Standart graphics adapter - Properties - Driver - Update.

              6. Search for drivers on this computer - Select the driver from the installed - and select intel HD Graphics 630. Reboot.


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                Intel Corporation
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                Thank you for the information, on the first post does not mention that you have Windows® 7 installed.
                Same on this thread https://communities.intel.com/thread/110152
                Note: Please bear in mind that this driver was develop to work only on 7th generation processor and Windows®10, I have seen many customers modifying the INF file to make it work for Windows®7 and it works perfectly fine; however, Intel does not validate modifying the INF on this driver, therefore, it will be under your own risk.
                Best regards,