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    s2600cp + chassis fans spinning at 100% constantly




      I recently purchased an s2600 (s2600cp2j) + p4000 series chassis (p4308xxmhjc). Everything was working correctly until I updated the bios from 1.02.0003 to 2.06.0005. Since then all sysfans (5 of them) are running at 100% rpm all the time.


      Here are the steps I've taken to resolve the issue:


      1. Reflashed bios, me, bmc and frusdr

      2. Rolled back (in recovery mode) bios, me bmc and frusdr to 1.02.0003

      3. Pulled cmos battery, cleared bios defaults via jumper

      4. Incrementally flashed up to bios 2.05.004

      5. Pulled all memory sticks except for 2 pairs for each CPU

      6. I've even jumped the chassis intrusion jumper as I see SEL updates for it thinking it's a bad chassis switch


      My selviewer is looking clean, I do see a chassis intrusion and chassis intrusion close events very close to each other i.e. same second. I've disconnected the chassis intrusion switch thinking it may be bad but no results. I'm attaching an updated sysinfo with chassis alarm disconnected and the 2nd psu disconnected. Seems to have cleared up the SEL chassis alarms but still the issue persists.


      I've also set various bios options for accoustic management again to no effect.


      This system before the bios update was working correctly so I'm wondering what's happened here and yes I've been through the troubleshooter page.


      I'm attaching a sysinfo file which I think shows it all in case anyone has come across this issue.


      The second nochassis file was done after I pulled the chassis intrustion wire and purged SELs.


      I'm not really seeing any obvious issues here but welcome any guidance.