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    i7 920 D0 memory controller problem??


      So recently I have been unable to run 3 sticks of memory in tri channel under any settings whatsoever. Underclocked, stock clock, undervoltage or at 1.65v nothing works at all. It boots fine, but under any stress at all in windows 7(such as even just launching IE or word) it crashes with all kinds of memory related bluescreens. I have tested the memory with memtest and it comes up clean and 2 sticks of memory runs just fine. I do not have extra RAM to test with, but I am thinking that possibly the memory controller is misbehaving?? It seems like it may have problems with more than 4 gigs of RAM possibly or just cant handle the voltage from 3 sticks, cant figure it out.


      using ocz gold ddr3 1600

      evga x58 sli board


      I have gone to evga support forums as well and they keep telling me its my memory, but I'm not so sure.