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    Face Module Not found




      I am trying to use the C# version of the Scan3D.cs SDK with an Intel SR300 camera.

      I am using Visual Studio 2015 as an IDE. The software works fine if I use, Object as the scanning area.
      However, when I select the Head or Face as the scanning object, I am getting an error saying "Face Module not found."

      I tried to debug the code, at line 333, it enters into an exception case.

      Can you please advise about this issue?

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          Are you using the '2016 R3' version of the SDK?  If so, you need to install the Face module separately from the SDK download page if you have not done so already.  It can be found by scrolling further down past the 'Essentials' module on that page.  Also please ensure that you have the 3D Scan module from that same download page installed too.

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