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    Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool ( Brand String fails on Intel(R) Core(TM)2 DUO products (e.g. T7600 / SL9SD / LF80537GF0534M)


      I know that this is an old legacy Core processor but, in the previous version, this test passes.  If I modify the "CoreStringParts" setting in the "BrandString_LocalConfig.xml" file from:  "Intel(R)|Core(TM)|CPU|@" to:  "Intel(R)|Core(TM)2|CPU|@" ... it passes.  I suspect that either the "BrandString.exe" program in version doesn't parse out the "2" correctly concerning Core2 products or the "BrandString_LocalConfig.xml" file doesn't include an additional "Core2StringParts" category or possibly some combination of both and therefore version causes Brand String test failures on Core2 products.


      As an additional note, I'm also getting an "SPBC" fail indicating that this is a "Sample" product as did the previous version.  However, when I run various versions including the current version of the Intel Processor Identification Utility (5.60.20161208), I get no notification/indication that this processor is an engineering sample.  In addition, the processor markings on the processor indicate that it is a production processor not an engineering sample as per the current Intel Processor Core 2 DUO spec.  Could the SPBC program be effected by not having visibility to Core2 products?


      As a final note, as I've acknowledged the T7600 is an old legacy processor, but this tool runs and passes everything just fine on an even older "Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor 760" -- SPBC passes & Brand String passes.


      Suggestions anyone?