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    I217-V problems


      Intel I217-V NIC on Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H motherboard running windows 10. I have been fighting this thing for months now.


      Intermittently losing connection / disabling ethernet


      Sometimes it come back on its own, sometimes it requires disabling and enabling the device from device manager. Most of the time it it fails to enable the device and comes back with code 10 in device manager.


      Attempted fixes:

      *Disabling and re-enabling device from BIOS

      *Turning WOL off in BIOS

      *Downloading latest Intel drivers

      *Downloading drivers from Gigabyte

      *Using drivers that come with windows 10

      *Various tweaks on advanced tab for the device in device manager (both when working and not)

           -EEE (Efficient ethernet) off

           -Various offloading options off

           -Transmit and receive buffers to 2048

           -WOL off

           -Wait for link in all 3 positions


      Additionally I have noticed that sometimes detailed options for the device show up in BIOS and sometimes they do not. Hence I believe that the problem is not only OS/Driver related, it may require re-flashing or otherwise resetting the device


      The only thing I can think of that I would not be able to fix/try is disabling  the Ultra Low Power, I have seen others mention. This requires special utility as far as I remember.


      As of writing this the problem is there, I have been trying for hours to make the connection come back with no results. I am not able to flash the device with BootUtil because it hasnt come back to life yet, although I will try that when and if it finally comes back to life.


      If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE chime in, this is driving me crazy