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    How to install Win 7 64bit to Intel 600P M2 256




      please be so kind and help my with my issue ?


      Motherbord - MSI X99 Sli plus

      Disk - Intel 600p m2 256

      Win 7 64bit (SK localization)


      i try to many days install Win 7 64bit(SK localization) to Intel 600P M2 256.

      I am create USB Win 7 boot label from my Win 7 64bit(SK localization) and Win Hotfixs "2990941-x86" and "3087873-86x"

      according your manual "Intel_6_Series_PCIeNVMe_InstallGuide" according to "3.1 Method 1: Windows 7 Installation using DISM with Windows Hotfix".


      If i setup my BIOS to UEFI mode only, i see only USB boot label.

      I am install Win 7 to Intel 600p from USB.

      If i try to setup Intel 600p for first start after installation from UBS, i don't see my Disk in BIOS in UEFI mode only.

      If I change UEFI mode only to UEFI + Legacy, i see my Intel disk in BIOS, but if i setup Intel disk like Boot label, system write message "Please insert boot label and press any key". Is impossible boot from Intel 600p


      Please help my and sent my step by step manual with printscrean or something that. Where is problem. What am I doing wrong ?

      Now I have install Win 7 to other SSD(non m2) but I don't see Intel 600p.

      I had installed win 10 and there was no problem to install boot and start from Intel 600p (disk is not damaged).


      Sorry for my English :-(

      Thanks and best regards,