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    RAID II on S5520HC, controller not ready for configuration error, What's Wrong?


      I have a new S5520HC, Dual E5530 procs, in a SC5650 chassis, and 4 500gb Seagate HDD's connected via the SATA.  I want to set up as 2x 1TB array mirrored, but will settle for a 2TB RAID 0.


      Initially, after changing the config in BIOS to SW RAID, I got the option for CTL+E to configure the raid, I did so (2 1TB arrays, 2 drives each), but saw no means to mirror them.  So, I loaded the Intel Deployment assistant CD and booted from there, configured the RAID using that, and realized there was no option to create the arrays I wanted.  After several other attempts to configure, the IDA now gives me the following error "ERROR:This Controller is not ready for configuration.  Please reboot the system and try later.  [0x10000056]"


      At this point the RAID Web Console 2 shows 2x RAID 0 arrays, each made up of 2 drives, but when I went to install ESXi 4.0, it saw each drive as independent drives, and wanted to install on 1 disk.  I did, and it still won't boot to ESX.


      How do I get back tot he CTRL-E option so I can delete the arrays and start over?


      Can I make a RAID 10?  (I think that is what I want, not sure).


      Any help is greatly appreciated