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    When I try to flash EFI firmware on Intel Pro/1000 (both single and dual port) I get Error: Flash too small for the image



      I have downloaded both the 20.7.1 and 22.0.1 version of firmware update and tried to update the ROM from PXE to the EFI ROM.  Under both Linux and a UEFI shell, it fails every time.  This occurs both on a dual port Pro/1000 and a single port.  The Linux output is:


      [root@testsystem BootUtil]# Linux_x64/bootutil64e -nic=2 -up=efi



      Intel(R) Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility

      BootUtil version

      Copyright (C) 2003-2015 Intel Corporation

      ERROR: Flash too small for the image



      Port Network Address Location Series  WOL Flash Firmware                Version

      ==== =============== ======== ======= === ============================= =======

        1   001B21009F04     1:00.0 Gigabit YES PXE                           1.3.35

        2   0015172EE90F    49:00.0 Gigabit YES PXE                           1.3.35




      How do I flash an EFI ROM on this cards?  I can flash the PXE ROM on them, but not the EFI ROM.


      Thanks in advance,