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    Help for server board S5000PSL "IRQL not less or equal"


      Hello to all and  congratulations for the comunity, I wanted to bring to your attention 2  problems, the first is that having to reinstall Windows SBS 2003 server after you create the Raid, copied the installation files from CD, insert the driver for the raid downloaded from your site starting the operating system install the bar that shows the remaining time of installation got to 35 minutes crashes and wants me blue mask that says "IRQL not less or equal", I tried several solutions, change the hard disk, try to make it work with a RAM at a time to see if the problem was caused by memory, I updated the BIOS, now I can not understand if there any problem because the driver or some other cause, unfortunately unknown to me, I state that the server before having to reformat was fully functional, the second problem is that the cooling fan RAM is always in operation, with the front panel LEDs blink orange. Having made all attempts and failing to reach the solution, I leave in your".


      Thanks to everyone who will send me a hand Antonio

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          Check if memory is on the compatibility list.

          Use latest service pack for the os.

          Disable multi core processor in the bios.


          Regarding the Orange blinking LED:


          Updating the board firmware:


          The recommended upgrade method, if not updating a hot-swap controller (HSC), is:
          Reboot, and verify BIOS settings


          The recommended method with an HSC(backplane) is:
          Reboot, and verify BIOS settings.


          Other than this, next steps will be to verify the sel log and verify the release notes of the firmware if there is anything mentionned.


          Hope these are useful,