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    Intel HD 630 visual artifacts on Windows 10 64-bits


      Hi, I have a i7-7700 (non K) and I'm using the IGPU, the Intel HD 630. I'm experiencing visual artifacts (black squares on the screen or random colors) in whatever programs which uses hardware acceleration, meaning Chrome, Games, etc.

      I've RAM on stock clocks (2133Mhz) stock voltage and tried every config in BIOS. I've ruled out hardware issues since every test I ran on Linux works just fine, Intel Burn Test doesn't show instability either, so i'm pointing out to driver problems. I've tried Windows update ones, MSI Intel drivers for this mobo, and Intel ones from official page: specifically, 15.45.4614 (Beta)

      Is there any solution, help or anything? thanks in advance



      PC specs:

      Motherboard: MSI Z270 pc mate

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance led (3200 Mhz)

      PSU: Evga 500W


      (sorry if I'm forgetting anything)


      At the time of writing this an artifact occurred, here's the screenshot



      EDIT: I tried fitting a dedicated GPU, artifacts are gone, but I need a solution for the IGPU