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    Blue Light and 4k on NUC7i3BNH


      Hi, I've just bought this Nuc and I have some questions:

      1) Is there a way to turn off the big blue light on the Nuc front?

      2) I tried to play a 4k mkv from my NAS connected with Lan cable using VLC but it's not playing smoothly , like if CPU it was not powerful enough  ( and it's not a Lan problem because I can play the same file with my Sony tv through the same lan ). Is there a setting or something that I can do or simply CPU doesn't make it?

      3) As I have a Sony tv 4k connected to Nuc , is it better to leave Nuc video resolution to 1920*1080 as recommended by the system or using a 4k res ?


      Thanks for your help