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    D945GSEJT goes in to standby mode although stby disabled


      Hi all,

      my D945GSEJT Board running  XPSP3 goes into standby mode although in energy option all standby related menues are disabled.

      Energy scheme is "run constantly" (my local translation sound that way.)


      It's easy to reproduce:


      - restart

      - put board into standby mode manually

      - restart it with WOL from a second machine

      - do not make any keystroke or mouse action

      - 2 mins later machine goes into standby mode.


      This issue happens only:

      - if machine was put at least once into standby mode. If just cold or warm booted, no issues, means it runs forever.

      - no keystroke of mouse action was issued on that machine.


      Driver and BIOS:

      - latest BIOS of Dec, 2009 installed

      - lateste Realtek drivers installed. (WOL per packet, restart after shutdown)

      - " /forceresetreg" hack installed. see http://communities.intel.com/thread/7362?start=0&tstart=0.


      Has anybody suffered this problem ?  The net is full of 'randomly standby" issues regarding XP, but this very special to this board.

      Thanks for any comment.