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    Atom Tablet in Win 10 - driver crashes/restarts with UWP apps


      You're all my last resort here...MS isn't any help and neither is the manufacturer.


      Have a RCA 2-in-1 (detachable USB keyboard) tablet. Atom Z3735F. Worked OK as delivered with Win10 1511 and still does in the current 1607, though with display glitches. Manufacturer supplies no display drivers so it originally used the generic MS driver for graphics. When Windows force-updated from 1511 to 1607 (Anniversary Update) it did a firmware upgrade (cannot revert, but not sure if it was a cause), and the display started initializing in "portrait" mode on all startups, requiring manual rotation to landscape for use with the keyboard. Manufacturer suggested trying your driver.


      Found an Intel generic driver for the chip (, 4/4/16) and installed it. The screen now holds its rotation properly, but seems to delay talking with the keyboard a bit (occasional dropped keystrokes) and, worst, usually crashes & restarts (freeze, brief black screen, returns working) shortly after I start a UWP app (like Windows 10 Mail or Calendar or Weather or Edge). No error message is displayed and no event is logged. Sometimes crashes when using the app as well, usually during arrow-key or similar repeating input. Does not crash with traditional Win32 apps like Firefox and LibreOffice. Do UWP apps do something strange that trips up the driver? Is there some kind of incompatibility here?


      This appears to be Atom-specific. Is it also, perhaps, specific to the firmware in this tablet? IOW, is it something I can fix or do I have to give up on this tablet? I also have an old ASUS laptop running Win10 on a 2011-era i5; no display problems or UWP glitches. Ancient (Core2 Extreme) desktop with nVidia also works fine, though of course without any need for display rotation.


      Given that display rotation only works correctly with the Intel driver, I'd like to keep using it. I did try, recently, removing the Intel drivers; Win10 then auto-installed its generic driver and went back to the rotation problem. So I'm back on Intel. Any ideas or betas to fix the UWP crashes?


      TIA for any

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          Hello TrailingEdgeTech,

          In this case, your best contact support is with your computer manufacturer, I understand that they could not help you but they should be more familiar with your system and how all the components interact with each other.

          Please be aware that Intel sells products to various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who then integrate them, with other system components (power supplies, disk drives, add in cards, software, etc). The driver or software for your Intel® component might have been changed or replaced by the computer manufacturer. We recommend you work with your computer manufacturer before installing our driver so you don’t lose features or customizations and perhaps some compatibility problems.