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    Wireless-AC 7265 driver updates result in BSOD Error


      We are having difficulty installing newer drivers for the Wireless AC 7265 adapter.  We get BSOD errors on at least 50% of the computers (Windows 7 x64) we are testing with, when installing the newer drivers.

      We originally were trying to install the v. driver, but with the BSODs we had, we decided it might have to do with that newest version; so, we backed off to v. and it errors out too.  The test targets were on v.1712.0.6.


      I looked through the discussion topic "Wireless-AC 7265 BSOD".  And while that was Windows 10, the situation is very similar to what I'm seeing.  In my situation, though, the machines get the BSOD as soon as they reboot after installing the new driver.


      One word of note: in our situation, we are uninstalling the Intel ProSet client (which removes whatever driver version that came with it, leaving the original driver version - v. and then installing the updated Intel driver.  The reasons for uninstalling ProSet will be discussed in another discussion post unrelated to the BSOD situation.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      ps. - I do not have the dump files, nor have I diagnosed them because these systems are scattered geographically as we are a global company.