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    SRT - Install Operating System on SSD instead of HDD?


      Hello Intel Community!


      I understand with Smart Response Technology you install the operating system on a mechanical drive and use the small SSD as the cache drive.


      But, can one keep the OS on a mid size (250GB) SSD, use 64 GBs of the SSD as cache, and still improve the performance of the mechanical HDD by using the SRT technology? 


      I'm hoping to maximize benefits of having the OS on a speedy SSD and still get improved performance from the HDD; I'm thinking if we keep the OS on the HDD, the OS slows down and doesn't take the full advantage of the SDD speed.  How would one go about setting this up with a new computer build, since the only instruction I've found installs the OS on the HDD?







      Build will be

      Mobo:  Gigabyte Z270M-D3H

      CPU: i7-7700k

      SSD: M.2 NVMe Samsung 960 EVO (250GB)

      HDD: 2TB Seagate

      RAM: 2x8 DDR4 2400

      OS: Win 10 Home 64bit