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    D34010WYKH Audio drops after switching HDMI Inputs or turning off TV


      D34010WYKH Audio drops on HDMI Input switch


      So I have had this computer running great for literally multiple years, this past week something has changed all of a sudden.


      If I boot up the computer the audio works fine exactly how it should. When I turn off the TV or switch input and switch back to the NUC there is no longer any audio. It still lists it as being installed and visually all the settings look correct, but there is no audible output. I have tried changing HDMI cables, changed the input it was plugged into the tv, and made sure I had the latest graphics/audio driver installed from the intel website.  If i restart the computer the audio will come back until I switch inputs or turn the tv off, at which point when I go back to the NUC the audio is gone again.  It is like it is not "waking up" or reactivates the audio when I switch back to it, but if i watch when i switch the input back to the NUC it does change the sound icon from the "mute" symbol to the audible symbol...so it does detect that it should come "alive".  I will say the odd thing though is if I try to play a video it will play like 1/4 of a second and freeze. Like i can hear a blip of sound, but it immediately errors or freezes.
      Ive reinstalled the drive multiple times :/



      Any ideas?